How to use Ubersuggest Chrome Extension


You all have heard about chrome extensions. Basically chrome extensions are are small software programs that customize your browsing experience. We use lots of extensions to enhance our experience. Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya. Today we are going to learn how to use the Ubersuggest chrome extension to get more search traffic.

Download the extension

First of all, let’s download the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Simply go to the chrome store and type in Ubersuggest. Just click on the install and it is ready to use. Now the question is how to get more search traffic using this simple chrome extension.


Look whenever you do a search in google, you will see a (View All) button. Just click on it. It will start showing you all the data such as how many people are searching on desktop or mobile.

It will also show you the CPC (Cost Per Click) and the difficulty level to rank for that and many more things. In the right sidebar, you will see many keywords ideas. Now the point I am going to explain is very important especially if you want more search traffic. When you do a search in Google you will see your competitors are already ranking for certain keywords. Take a look at the right sidebar to see the related keywords. Remember these are those keywords that you should be targeting and are very much similar. So you have to target multiple variations of these phrases to get more traffic.


Secondly with each search result what you will see is the domain score, domain traffic, social share, and even how many backlinks it has.

Now simply click on the down arrow when it comes to backlinks for any URL and you can easily see who is linking to them.

You can also hit back to those websites to link back to you. That’s a very easy trick that can help you in building more and more links.

Now the main thing that I want you to do is to go to the very bottom and you will other related keywords based on the data given by Google.

After that open your competitor’s website and on the top you will see Ubersuggest chrome extension and in case you don’t see just click on the plugin and you just pin the U.

After that, you will see it will start showing data such as monthly traffic, organic keywords, domain score, backlinks, and many more. You can also view their top pages.

If you want detailed information just click All and it will take you to the Ubersuggest website and start showing detailed information.

Here you can see their top pages, related keywords, their traffic, and detailed information on that website.

In addition to that when you go back and click on the all keywords it will start showing you all the keywords that they are ranking for.


The main purpose of showing these features is they can help you in finding the right keywords.

As you know content is king and you have to create it but if you are not including right keywords then you are not going to attract more traffic.

If you are targeting the right keyword then you will surely get good traffic. So I simply want you to find those keywords that are doing really well for your competition.

Now if you are not sure about the topics to create content this extension shows you the same on which popular topics are doing well in the market.


In the end, if you follow these simple tricks with the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension, first of all, you will find link opportunities, and secondly, you will find more and more keyword suggestions and of course, if you don’t find content ideas you can also see here.

What you have to do is simply open any website and click on the U icon and it will show you the detailed information.

If you have any questions related to the topic (UBERSUGGEST) discussed above feel free to comment below with your questions.

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