How To Get More Twitter Traffic?


As you know Twitter is one of the hundred most popular sites on the web according to, so why not you getting the traffic from twitter.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn about how to get traffic from twitter.

Look there are two ways to get more traffic from twitter.


You are very lucky if you have lots of followers. If you have lots of followers then tweet 10 times a day. Yes, I am not joking. Tweet 10 times a day like sharing more than 10 articles from your website each and every single day for a whole month and you want to continue to a whole year. Even it is old content from years you have to keep sharing the same over and over again. Just go through your old content and put them in order. In short, if you want more traffic from twitter then continually tweet out.


Now if you don’t have followers here is a quick trick for you that you can use to increase your traffic. Write a blog post but make sure it is amazing and good. It should also be long-form so that when someone reads it, should be actionable and the audience is learning from it. If you do that people are going to be like this post is amazing I won’t mind sharing it. But that’s, not the trick.


Now the trick is going to, type in a keyword related to the article that you just wrote. It will start showing you all the articles related to it and it will also show who writes it and how many social shares are there for that post. Here you will see every single person who tweeted out that article.

Let’s say you are writing an article on any XYZ topic and now you searched about that on and see which article is doing best. Now you have to check that article and you have to write a better version of that article. In short, go in-depth on that topic. As you saw earlier that who are sharing it on twitter you can click on that and you can go to the twitter profile and find their email and shoot them all.


Remember one thing don’t send a basic email try to send a customized email. Send them by explaining to them your detailed content. What you will notice is roughly 20% to 30% of the people will reply back saying yes. Now when they reply back to you then again you have to send an email to them giving the link of your content and yes thank them too. When you do this you will see lots of people that your email will share your article.

Now if you use these two tactics you will surely get more traffic from twitter.

If you have any questions feel free to comment.

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