remove these things from your website if you want to rank on google

Remove these things from your website if you want to rank on Google.

Some of you are wondering that despite all the efforts, your website is not ranking on Google. Do you know the exact reason? Look, there are some things on your website that are sabotaging your Google traffic as well as your google rank. Your efforts don’t matter if these things are on your website.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn about the things we have to remove from our website so as to rank high on Google.


You have to remove outdated content from your website. As you know Google always prefers fresh content. Let’s see some differences between them.

Look there are more than 1.7 billion websites over the web. Over two million blog posts are published every day. According to the World Wide Web Size, Google has more than 63 billion pages indexed. Now go to Google Search Console and see your traffic now vs the traffic one year ago. You will find some pages are doing great while others are not. Now you have to update that well-doing pages that are driving more traffic to you. By doing this you will get more traffic. Make sure that your website has fresh and updated content. Remember one thing, Google doesn’t look your single page it looks your whole website. So keep your content updated.


Update pages with thin content. Long years ago 500 words article seems to be great and it performs well but now if your article doesn’t go beyond then you are not going to do well. The pages that give little value are not going to do well. That’s the main reason Google is not ranking your pages with thin content. Look if you are able to answer any question in 300-400 words then it is good but most of the people can’t do this. Now what you have to do is go and have a look at those thin pages content if they offer any value then leave it but if not then update those pages. Always access your each and every page through Google Analytics. Now look at the new results and compare it with the older one. You will surely see an upgrade.

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Look for irrelevant or excessive ads. Remember if you had lots of ads on your website it will surely increase your load time. More ads mean more external resources to be loaded. The more external resource means a direct impact on load time and SEO. More ads mean to fall in the user experience. Suppose you are reading an article on the website and you see lots of ads then whats your experience. You know well. The experience is bad. Ads on your website is not a bad thing but it should be good and does not irritate the user experience.

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The next thing that hurts you is AUTOMATED GENERATED CONTENT. Look creating content through automated tools doesn’t provide a good user experience.
Even if you are working hard and customizing the content then after you are not going to do well. What you have to do is you have to create unique content that provides the best user experience. Look for the page that is providing good user experience. For that go to Ubersuggest type the keyword that you want to rank about. On the right side, you will see all the top pages, no. of backlinks they have, their social shares, and their domain score. Now by doing this, you will see what users like as well as what Google likes.

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The next thing you have to stop doing is intrusive popups or interstitial. Google Webmaster Central Blog said that ” Pages that show intrusive interstitial provide the worst user experience than other pages that provide immediate access.” So can we remove those popups? The answer is “NO”. You must include them but as an exit popup. This shows when the user is leaving your website.

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The next thing you want to remove is irrelevant internal backlinks. We all know that internal links are important but if you overdo that it will directly impact your SEO and yes it will lose value too. While building links you should be very careful. If it is not useful for users then don’t do it. Don’t put lots of rich anchor text, not random anchor text, do what is beneficiary for users. Hence, always choose relevant links.

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The most important thing is Duplicate Content. This doesn’t give you any penalty from Google. As Google has mentioned they don’t penalize for duplicate content. But remember they are not going to rank your duplicate content. Here Duplicate Content means content that is already written on any specific topic. So what you have to do? You have to post unique content on your website of that particular topic.

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Last but not least backlinks to spammy websites and domain names. Look when you link to another spammy website, Google calls it “LINK SCHEME“. Sometimes people say link to me and I will link back to you. Please don’t do that. This process is called Reciprocal Linking.

This type of link will disturb you in the long run. Link to only those pages that are relevant. If you think it will provide a better experience to users, link to it, and if not then don’t link. All you have to keep in mind is you have to provide the best user experience.

I will be glad to know if you have any questions regarding this google rank topic or about anything in the comment box below.

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