August 4, 2020
how to rank small websites on google

5 Steps to rank your small website

We all see that big website are dominating Google because they have tons of backlinks lots of content and many more things helping them to rank on Google. But you also know there are not all big websites on Google. Many of them are small websites with little content or fewer backlinks. So these small sites shall rank on Google or not? The answer is ‘YES’.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn about how to rank small websites on Google.

As you know Google’s diversity updated in June 2019. This gave more opportunities to different websites to rank by limiting the number of times a single domain can appear in a single SERP. You can’t rank a single website more than two times in a SERP. This will give a chance to small websites to rank on Google.


Start with an exact-match domain name. Most of the people say that exact-match domain name doesn’t work as they used to be it’s ok but they still work. Now creating a domain that exact match to the service or product you are selling is a great way to rank on SERP. This will work for the local and long-tail keyword. It doesn’t work for the head term but if your site gets little or no traffic scoring an exact match domain name could help you to get high on SERP. When you are looking for an exact match domain you can also look for misspelling names as well.

exact match domain website
An exact match domain targets your keyword exactly


Start building one on one engagements with customers. Big brands often ignore these small things like personal engagements with their customers. All big brand doesn’t do that but most of them. They are faceless. Try to respond to every single comment you have on Social Media whether it is good or bad. Set up live chats on your website so that people will engage and interact with you. You have to offer an excellent customer support service. People will surely love it. You will also start gaining social share.

one on one engagements


Try to focus on long-tail keywords. According to the Search Engine Guide, Amazon makes its 57% of sales from long-tail keywords. Because the long tail keyword especially commercial intent convert very well. Always focus on less comparative keywords. As they easily rank on Google. When you start focusing on long-tail keyword will surely get you high-quality traffic. As these keywords are specific in nature. Now the question is how to find them?

comparison between long and short tail keywords for website

It is so easy. You have to go to UBERSUGGEST, type in a keyword that’s the head term and it will show you report in keyword ideas of all the long-tail keywords and also head term variations of that keyword. Look for that keyword that has a high search volume, high CPC because high CPC means the keywords that generate sales and also have a low SEO difficulty score.SEO score under 40 is easier to rank.


Always create valuable specialty content in your niche. Do you know Google always prefer niche websites over broad websites? As your website is small hence you have to focus on your specialty. This will help you to do better than your competitor. This will provide more value to your users in your content, sometimes which is ignored by large companies. When you use this technique this will surely improve your rankings in the long run.

website focus


Make your website mobile-friendly. Google has mobile-first indexing as nowadays over 50% of the searches are done by mobile devices. If you want to rank high on Google then your website should be mobile-friendly. So make sure your website is responsive and loads fast. If you don’t know how to increase the speed of your website and loads fast Google has made a page speed tool which optimizes and also tells you what is wrong in load time, how can you optimize for it. If you are a WordPress user I am suggesting you some plugins that can help you to load your site faster, they are, Autoptimiser, Page speed Ninja, W3 Total Cache. So when you use these plugins you will see that your site is loading fast.


I will be glad to know if you have any questions regarding this topic or about anything in the comment box below.

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