how to blog less and get more traffic on wordpress

Blog less and get more traffic, want to know how?

Many people say that you have to blog on WordPress daily to get more traffic. But what if I say you have to blog once a week and you will get more traffic than before.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn how to blog less on wordpress and get more traffic.

What I learned from blogging is, it is not about creating more content but it is also true that the more keywords you have in your content, the more words you have in your content will help you to rank on Google easily. But the real fact is that it is not mandatory if you are writing more content then you will get more traffic. More content doesn’t mean that Google will automatically rank your website on top just because you have written much more content on your website.

You also have to promote your content in order to drive traffic. So, if you are writing a blog post daily, how much time you take to promote your blog. If you have a huge team then it’s not a cause of worry. But what about if you are a single person who is writing the content as well as promoting the same. The more you spend your time in marketing the more traffic you will get.

Let’s start talking about the tips by which you blog less and get more traffic.


Start sending E-Mails. Whenever you are writing a blog post send out E-Mails to most of the peoples in your E-Mail list just by letting them know that your blog post is out, go and have a look. This is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic. Listen if you are blogging seven times a week and sending E-Mails every time then what will happen? People will start thinking that you are spamming them and they will get irritated too. And one day one of them will say that stop mailing us.

But if you are writing a post once in a week you can easily E-Mail them and yes they are going to appreciate you. As you are making a post once in a week people will start waiting for your mail to come. Now if you don’t know how to collect E-Mails then you can use HELLO BAR. It will collect e-mails from your website and you will be able to mail them every time whenever you are making a post. Remember one thing don’t send simple e-mails always send customize E-Mails.


Use SUBSCRIBERS.COM. It is a push notification software and the good thing about this is it is totally free of cost. When someone comes to your website this allows your visitor to subscribe to your blog using browser notifications. After then whenever you release a blog post you can send the message that your blog post is out to your subscribers. They will get your notifications through the browser. Then just by clicking once they are back on your website. Hence by using this simple trick, you can easily increase your traffic.

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Use BUZZSUMO. When you are thinking to write an article on any topic and you are not getting the point, start using this tool. When you type in a keyword related to your industry you will see all the articles that are doing great on social media. You have to click on the top results and you will see all the peoples linking and sharing it. You can send them E-Mails telling them about your content and why it is better than others.

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Focus on your headlines. Everyone believes that if you are writing lengthy content you will surely get success it is true also. Because good content drives more traffic. But you know 8 out of 10 people read your headlines and 2 out of 10 peoples click on it. So I want you to write amazing headlines. Always try to create at least 5-10 headlines in your post. Your headline should be between 5-7 words. If it is longer then it would disappear from Google Search Listings. If it is too short it won’t be understandable. Your headlines should create curiosity. When your headlines create curiosity it would have more chances to click on them.

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Remember all the techniques discussed above don’t perform quickly. For the results, you have to take patience and with the passage of time, you will surely see the results. You got more chance to get more traffic as you are spending more time promoting your content.

I will be glad to know if you have any questions regarding this WordPress blog article or about anything in the comment box below.

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