how to get famous on instagram

How to get famous on Instagram?

Hey, do you want to become famous on Instagram? Want to become an Instagram Influencer? Well, everyone wants it. As Insta famous peoples are like celebrities nowadays. Now follow these tips and you will become an instafamous.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn about how to become famous on Instagram?


I think you have already heard about this trick but you are doing wrong or probably ignoring. Some people say that do like comment and share on famous persons on Instagram so that you get more followers. Somehow it is true. But add something new.

Let’s take an example. Suppose your page is related to technology and you are liking and commenting on fashion designer’s post. Now when people see your comment they will come on your page and like your posts. But after sometimes you will see that they will stop coming to your page. Do you know the reason?

Because they are not getting values from your page. They are related to the fashion designing industry and you are related to technology so it won’t help. That’s why it is said that always have relevant followers. Follow those peoples who are related to your industry. So, you have to like and comment on those pages that are related to your industry. Instagram has an algorithm that looks at how many likes and comments a picture gets when it was published first. When people start following you in your industry they will see that you have fewer followers, I agree, but the ratio of likes and comments is so high. When your picture gets published on discovery this means it has more chances of going viral and in this way, you will get more followers.

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Try to post visual and emotional content consistently. Remember one thing if people are not bonded with your content then it is of no worth. Your content should be super emotional. If your content doesn’t contain visual or emotional values then people are not going to like or comment on your picture.

Your content should strike the people whether it is videos or pictures. Do this consistently and you will see a growth in your followers. Do you know why I am focusing on consistently?

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Because you released a post but not all the peoples will saw your post right now, so keep going again and again. Some of you will be saying that most of the people are active on Instagram like we are. But this is not true. Some people open Instagram once a day or even once a week. So be consistent.


Try to submit your content to other Instagram account. As you have seen some accounts have tons of followers but they don’t upload their own what they do is they take a post from another account and publish on their account by tagging the actual account. This can be seen in photography pages on Instagram. Hence share your content with those accounts. When you are being tagged by other popular accounts it’s good news for you. When they tag you their followers will come on your profile and will start following you.


Now you have to collaborate with other Instagram influencers. You have already seen some peoples click a picture together and tag each other. What I actually mean from the collaboration is. Let’s take an example you and your friend posted a picture by tagging each other now what you have to do is you start giving some values like giveaways by saying if you want to participate in the giveaway you have to like and comment on our post and share it among your friend. Now by doing this, you will see that your followers are increasing as you are not getting only your friend’s audience but all the audience that have shared your picture.

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Post pictures with MEMES. Tag your friend that relates to that meme. But make sure it should be new and not seen by people before. You can also use Instagram advertising for driving more traffic to that image. When you get more traffic your meme should go viral. This will give you more followers, more likes, and more comments.

I will be glad to know if you have any questions regarding this topic or about anything in the comment box below.

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