how to bring traffic to a new website

How to bring traffic to a new WordPress website?

wordpress website

So, have you started with your new WordPress website and struggling for traffic?

It’s easy to bring traffic and do SEO when you already have an old website with lots of backlinks. Secondly, if you have enough money, then you can spend it on paid advertisements. But what about a new website. How you can bring traffic to your website?

Hii guys, I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn how to bring traffic to a new WordPress website.

First of all, if you started with your new WordPress website comment below with ‘YES’ and if not then ‘NO’.

Now, the tips I am going to give you today will surely help you. If you have any queries related to this you can ask me personally and I will help you for free.

Let’s talk about our First step:-

What you have to do is partner with other content creators. Have you heard about co-hosting a blog content. All you have to do is to create content with other partners on the same topic. You can also add a round-up post on your list. You have to do an interview with other peoples. The benefit of doing this is when you start interviewing with people they will surely promote your content. But some of you will say I don’t have any traffic to my website that’s ok, I agree. That’s why I suggest you, do a round-up post and interview peoples because people are always flattered to be interviewed.

wordpress website

They are always ready to be included in a round-up post. When you add any person in your post what they can do, they are going to share it as much as they can. They will share your content on social media sites such as Facebook Instagram and by this, you will get traffic to your website.

Some people will also say if they don’t promote your content then what we have to do?
The answer is you can E-Mail most of them asking to promote your content and they will surely do.

wordpress website

Moving toward the Second Step:-

Start doing giveaways contests or promotions. Start reaching to another website in your niche, offer them something that is valuable to their audience and they will start promoting your content. By doing this you will get extra traffic as it is seen that giveaways are always effective. When you do a giveaway people love it, they will spread your content, you will get tons of traffic along with lots of followers, lots of engagement and people get back to your website. When you get those people during giveaways make sure you collect their E-Mails because when you collect their E-Mail address, whenever you post any new content or blog you can E-Mail them so that they get back to your website.

Let’s talk about the Third Step:-

You can use Push Notifications. It is the simplest way to get more and more traffic. How does it work? When someone comes to your website are they going to come back? The answer is NO. If you are not clear about this go and check your Google Analytics. Here you will get a cohort report. It will show you how often people are coming back to your side. You are so lucky if your audience is coming back to your website. By doing those push notifications, with one click when someone subscribes to your site now they don’t have to enter their E-Mails, again and again, they don’t have to give you personal information and then when you release a new post, you can message them and they will come back to your site. You can use for doing this.

Talking about the Fourth Step:-

Start using paid AD’S. If you don’t have a big budget, it’s ok. In many cases, Google AdWords gives you RS 2000 as ad credit. Don’t believe me Google it.
You will find lots of offers and coupons there. Use it and you will see a boost in your traffic. It is also true that most of the visitors may not convert in customers. But it is a great start to boost your traffic.

Now, the Fifth step is:-

Start doing guest blogging. Find out some popular websites that accept guest blogging. For example, you can use Techcrunch. Do guest blogging and link out to your website. Make sure you no-follow the link. You don’t want to use that as a link building tactic. But when you link to your website and you no-follow it. You are not manipulating search engine and at the same time, you will get referral traffic from it.

wordpress website

Let’s talk about the Sixth and last step:-

Start commenting on other blog posts in your industry. When you comment on these blog posts and one more thing doesn’t comment ‘NICE CONTENT’ ‘GOOD JOB’. I am talking about detailed comments. So that when readers read that comment they will get some feedback. Now when you leave a comment people will get advice and feedback from you. When you comment leave that with the URL of your website. In this way, you will get lots of visitors to your website.

Finally, when you use all of these tricks you will surely see a boom in your traffic and it will also improve your new WordPress website ranking.

If you have any questions related to the topic discussed above feel free to comment below with your questions.

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