August 4, 2020
how long does seo takes for a new website

How long does SEO take for a new website?

Sometimes many people say that they have started with their new website and they are working hard on content and SEO but they are unable to see visitors on their new website. Look, if you are working on your website and want to rank on top of google then you are very curious to know the time period in which you can see results on your website. Well, I was also curious to know the same thing.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn how long does SEO takes for a new website.

Look, SEO used to be very easy and when you start using some rules you would easily rank on google on top. But we are in 2020 and at this stage, SEO is super competitive because there are billions of blogs on the web and there are billions of websites indexed in google. When you start combining all these things you will surely know why SEO is super competitive. Nowadays Google becomes very smart and it shows the most accurate results to its end users. It smartly decides which websites have to be placed on top of the page and which one not. If you compare today’s Google with 10 years previous Google you will find a lot of difference. In short, it is now super quicky.

Let’s see how SEO changes in the past years.


Keyword Research is now one of the most important parts of SEO and most competitive too. But this was not competitive before as there were not billions of websites before. But now you can easily see the competition. If you have to bring traffic to your website you have to use 5-6 keywords or maybe 10 sometimes to get good traffic. Nowadays the website should have at least 50-100 keyword in their list or depending on the website. Listen, each page of your website should contain at least one keyword. Sometimes the number rises up to 4-5.


In the old days what you have to do is simply write an article, put in a keyword, and Google will automatically rank your website. Remember the more keyword you put in your article reflects more about your content and easily ranks also. But now Google doesn’t look at density.

content for seo

As we all know Google is becoming smarter day by day. They want their search experience should be excellent. Now they have improved their standard to rank websites by giving high-quality content. Look, most of the people type a question in the search box and if your content provides the answer then you are doing well and if not then improve it. Most people say write an article of 2000 words, 3000 words because google ranks lengthy content but it is wrong because Google prefers quality over quantity. Always write content that users want. It doesn’t matter how long your content is if you are not satisfying the end-user it is of no use.

So, How long does SEO takes for a new website? Are you ready?

The answer is ” IT DEPENDS “.

The minimum time period is four to six months to see some change. But you also know that there are so many factors in SEO hence there is no accurate answer. We all know every industry is different. Look if you have a new website and you are actively working on the content and SEO it should take six months to show some results. I am not saying that in six months you will be at the top of Google but yes you will start seeing some changes.

If you want traffic then use long-tail keywords as it is easy to rank for head term. Now if you want to rank high then you have to know some factors of SEO.

Factors of SEO

  • Your website should be secure and is easily accessible to Google crawlers.
  • Use sitemaps and submit it into Google Search Console
  • Are you using HTTPS?
  • Is your robot.txt blocking the right page
  • Is your website’s load time is fast

If your website’s load time is fast then it is good news as it is very helpful in SEO. It will not only improve your rankings but it is also a part of the algorithm.
Both mobile and desktop speed time affect the conversion. Is your website mobile friendly? Did you know more than half of the searches are done by mobile devices? If your website doesn’t look good on iPhones or Android devices then don’t expect it to rank high.

load time affects seo

Always write unique content that was not read earlier. Because Google doesn’t want to show repeated content. In short, try to blog on trending topics and unique content.

Another factor is backlinks wait not simple backlinks, you want quality backlinks. If you are getting links through authoritative sites it is good. Try to write powerful content so that you will get the right links.

enemy of seo

Focus on Social Signals. Now social media have no effect on your rankings but according to Google, there is a correlation between the pages that rank high and have a decent number of social signals. Google always rank those websites that people love. If people like a particular page they are going to share it.


In this way when you follow all the above points then you are going to do well.

I will be glad to know if you have any questions regarding this topic or about anything in the comment box below.

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