7 Steps to give you a perfect start in Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing is a booming sector in the near future. Google is generating 100 billion a year through google ads. Facebook is also generating 40 billion a year through its ad platform which is Facebook Ads.

Hi, guys, I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn about Digital Marketing and how you can start your career in Digital Marketing.

First of all, I would like to raise a question with you.

How many of you are already in Digital Marketing?

If you are, then comment below with Yes and if not then-No.
I am curious to know because the tip I am giving today would help you to start your career in Digital Marketing or also if you are already in this sector it will surely help you.

digital marketing
So, let us move towards our First step:-

First of all, you have to start your own Website. You can make a normal website by using WordPress or any other site which you want.
But I prefer WordPress. Because if you want to learn Digital Marketing you should have your own website and WordPress is easy to use.

digital marketing
Now moving towards the Second step:-

Take a look at all your competitor and if you don’t know about your competitor, you have created your website which should be in any industry whether it is technology, fashion, music, sports, etc. Now if you don’t know about your competitor take some popular keywords in that particular industry and put them into Neil Patel’s App which is UBERSUGGEST. By doing this it will show you how much traffic your competitor is getting in any particular region. By doing this you can also know about your competitor. It will also show you the top pages by which your competitor is getting traffic and you would also get all the keywords that are driving traffic to this site.

Moving towards the third step:-

After doing all these things, what you have to do is you have to click on the top page report in Ubersuggest. This will show you all the top pages, the number of visitors coming to that page, Number of times social share, and backlinks.

Now take a look at the top pages and find out which keywords are driving more high volume traffic, high CPC ( COST PER CLICK ), and low search difficulty. Because these are the features of good keywords that drive more traffic and easily rank on google.


Go to that page and now you have to write a good version i.e. content of that page. Don’t create a copy of that content always make a step ahead of that content which includes better images better videos. Whatever thing you are adding should be above and beyond.

Let’s talk about the Fourth step:-

After writing content you have to promote it. Now you have to take all of the people who are linking to your competitor and how you would get them. You have to use UBERSUGGEST to see the list of peoples who are linking to your competitor. Now you have to take all those peoples and mail them about your content and give a link so that they can read your content.


By doing this you will surely get good traffic and also get referral traffic. Referral traffic is very huge as well as helpful too.

You can also use Twitter Search for getting traffic from the social share. All you have to do is go to Twitter Search and put the URL’s competitor and it will show you all the peoples sharing that content on social media. What you have to do is E-Mail them sharing your content and ask them to read out your content. By using this tactic you can get more social share.

digital marketing
Moving toward the Fifth step:-

Now you have to collect E-Mail on your industry. It is not about getting traffic but also building your own brand. You can’t build your brand without E-Mails. For collecting E-Mail you can use a free tool which is HELLO BAR. You can easily collect lots of E-Mails. Now when people coming back to your website you can make a brand. When people come back to your website, seven times you are likely to make a brand.

digital marketing
Moving toward the Sixth step:-

You have to install a free tool which is SUBSCRIBERS. This leverage push notification. What it actually does is people can subscribe to your website with just one click and by this people will get come back and back to your site. This trick is very useful especially when it is combined with E-MAIL.

digital marketing
Now let us discuss the Seventh and last step:-

What you have to do is sell something whether it is physical product or online service. You can also sell things through Affiliate marketing. All you have to do is sell something. Because once you learn to sell something you can learn full suite of marketing. You have to convert that traffic into sales.

digital marketing

Once you start doing all these tricks you will surely start your career in Digital Marketing.

If you have any queries related to the information about Digital Marketing feel free to comment below with your questions.
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a combination of two words “Digital” which means wireless medium and “Marketing” means to market or promote your product. It consists of Awareness, Considerations, Purchase, and Loyalty.
In short, it means marketing your product through a digital medium.