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7 Advance SEO Techniques

Are you doing seo marketing for a long time and not getting any results? Do you know the reason why? Just because you are using the same tricks that others already know.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn about Advance SEO techniques.

First of all, I have a question for you.

How many of you are getting results from SEO?

If you are getting any results then comment below with YES and if not then NO.


Try to know your users. Everyone thinks that SEO means On Page and Off Page, the link building. But do you know that Google ranks only those content that is relevant and best for the users? Try to know what people want. For finding the want of people you can use Survey Monkey and Hotjar. It will tell you what your users love and what they don’t. Now when you adapt your product or service according to your customer you are much more likely to get more traffic from Google because you are creating the best user experience. User experience must be at the top.

Nowadays Google looks on user matrics. Look when people come to your site after they click on it by searching for a particular keyword and click on them. It also looks at how many people are clicking on it. People come and go back immediately. This tells Google that people are not liking the content of the website. They also look at your time on the website, bounce rate, page views per visitor, and how much time your website takes to load. Now when you do a survey you will get to know the reason why people are not buying from you. If you fix all these things it will improve your conversion as well as your rankings because you are providing the best user experience.


Leverage Schema Markup. You know that the star ratings and reviews that you see while doing a search that’s called Schema Markup. If you are using WordPress you can simply use the Yoast SEO plugin. It will allow you to do Schema Markup with just a few clicks. It is very easy to have a try. With the help of this, you can do this easily without having the knowledge of coding.


You have to expand more popular pages. Content marketing nowadays is a hit or miss game. You create a lot of content pages and some of them will get tons of traffic while others not. Do you know the reason why? All you need to do is expand your most popular pages.

seo techniques

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have a 3000-word blog post that is ranking well and getting good traffic. Now you have to take those keywords and put in Ubersuggest. It will start showing you all the long tail phrases related to the main phrase. All you have to do is to integrate them into that page. But remember one thing don’t just add only keywords but also expand your content. If you have a blog post of 3000 words expand it to 5000 words. Now when you do this what you will see is you are already ranking for the head term and now you are also getting extra traffic with very little work.


Start giving a link to lower ranked pages. As we have discussed earlier that some pages will rank while others not. So the page that doesn’t rank gives internal links to those pages. In a few days, you will see that those pages are also getting a good amount of traffic and climbing up in the rankings too.


Start adding infographics. Now some of you will say why do we use infographics as all of them are using the same tactic. Look I am not saying to use a normal infographic I want you to use advanced animated infographics. Animated infographics go much more viral than normal infographics. It will also help you in getting links. You will also start gaining lots of social shares, it will also improve your rankings. There are lots of benefits of animated infographics that’s why I am saying you to use this.


In this I want you to leverage round-up posts. Round-up posts are very useful but most of the people don’t use it don’t know why. Let’s take an example. Suppose you are writing an article on 30 SEO tips by 30 experts. Now when you email those experts they not only link to you but they are also going to share your content on the social web and will help in promotion also. All those links and social shares will help you to get more traffic. In long run, it will increase your website authority as well as rankings.


The last strategy is prune and crop. I know for some users this is going to be really hard. When you have an old website and you are writing content for a long time there are some pages that don’t do well even after applying all the tactics. Now what you have to do is start cutting dead weight. When you start doing this more authority will start going to the pages that are ranking well. Over a period of time, it will start boosting its ranking.

So, follow these advanced tactics and you will surely start seeing changes within a few weeks.

I hope you liked the post on SEO marketing and if you have any query then feel free to comment below with your queries.

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