how to select a good domain name

5 Tips that will help you in selecting a good domain name

In the present time, there are approx 300M companies in the world which means roughly one company for every 26 persons. There are so many brands including big as well as small. Now it is becoming harder and harder to stand out of the competition. So how can you find a good domain name or business name that stands out of a huge crowd and also help in positioning in your company and your website?

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn how to find a good domain name for your website.

There are so many businesses today that are struggling to find a good business name. Before going forward let’s take a look at a study done by the University of Alberta in 2010 which shows customers respond very well to the repeatedly structured brand name. For example- Coca-Cola and Kit-Kat.

Repetitive brand names affect customer’s brand elevations cross-selling and product choice. A good brand should always contain positive emotions and connections. It should easily be recognizable, different from your competitor.

Now, I have a question for you.

Does the name you are creating resonates with your audience?


Target your audience. Always consider the brand you are targeting. Like their age group, cultural values and mainly what is the brand about. How your brand can solve their queries and needs. If you are not able to target your audience then all your next steps would not work. So the most important thing is to target your audience.

TIP NO. 2:-

Select the type of name you want. Some people use their own names as their business. Let’s take the example of Jordan shoes. This name is given by Michael Jordan himself. In this name, his last word Jordan is used as a brand.

The next type of name is Acronyms. These are the shorter version of descriptive names. Let’s take an example of DC. You all know DC is a sports car named after his owner DILIP CHHABRIA. In this way, he used his own name as their brand.

dc doamin name

The next type of name is Descriptive names. These types of business names describe what your business is. For example Pizza Hut. This clearly states that they sell pizza. These types of names are boring sometimes but are very useful.

The next type is Suggested names. They are of three types:-

1 Real names

These types of names are directly taken from the dictionary. For example- Uber.

uber domain name

2 Composite names

These names are made by joining two words. For examples:- Facebook

3 Invented names

These types of words are invented and they are not present anywhere. For example:- Pinterest

4 Associative words

These types of names have a metaphorical meaning. For example:- Sirius XM.

5 Another language names

These types of names are usually taken from other languages. For example- Hulu.

6 Abstract names

These names have the power of phonetics. For example- Rolex.

rolex domain name

One more thing whatever your name is make sure it is trademarked and copyright.


What’s your brand’s vision? What’s your company’s mission statement? Good brand names not only describes but also translate emotional appeal.
For example- Nike’s emotional appeal is about winning. You have to find your own emotional idea that should be connected with your brand name. You can try with different names and select that one which is suitable for you.

nike domain name

TIP NO. 4:-

Reduce the level of complexity. The stickiest brand names are simple. If your brand name is hard to pronounce, difficult to memorize then this should be a negative point of your brand name.

TIP NO. 5:-

Always take a unique domain name. Make sure the domain name you are taking is unique and not taken by anyone. Before taking a name do search for the trademark.
The most important point to remember while making a name is it doesn’t signify negative meaning in other languages.

trademark doamin name

Follow these steps and make your Brand name unique and interesting.

I will be glad to know if you have any questions regarding this topic or about anything in the comment box below.

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