13 useful chrome extensions

13 Useful Chrome Extensions

Do you want good results in less time? Probably you have heard about chrome extensions.

First of all, what is Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. Now some of you are already using Chrome Extensions. They give you better results in less time and are easy to use.

Hii guys I am Shubham Chaurasiya and today we are going to learn about 13 Chrome Extensions that are very helpful especially for digital marketers.


The first extension is GRAMMARLY. It is the best place for digital marketers who are looking to improve their writing and grammar skills. If your grammar is not good then simply use Grammarly which is free and you don’t have to pay for this. It corrects your Grammatical errors and check for other errors and improves it too. Whenever you are writing an article on WordPress it will show you an icon that tells the errors which you have to solve. It will work for all of your social media sites. Whenever you are publishing an article make sure it is spelling and grammar free information.


The second extension is BUZZSUMO. This extension shows you about the articles that are performing on social media whether it is good or bad. This extension allows you to visit any page and see its performance. This will help you in finding topics and writing popular content.


This is especially for SEO. If you have difficulty in finding keywords then you can use KEYWORD SURFER. It will tell you the volume of the keyword, it also tells you other related keywords. It will also show you the backlink for a specific URL.

keyword surfer chrome extensions


The fourth extension for you is MOZBAR. This will tell you how popular your competitor is. It gives you a quick overview of the SEO of that particular page. It will also show you the pages listed in SERP. This will show you social media engagement, backlinks, domain authority, and page authority too.

mozbar chrome extensions


The next extension is SIMILAR WEB. This tool gives you more information than basic SEO. It gives you detailed insights into traffic, bounce rate, time on the website, etc. It also shows you the companies targeted audience demographics.

similar web chrome extensions


The next extension is a REDIRECT PATH. This extension is more than a broken link checker. This will show you the technical issue on your website. If you have any error then it will show you in red and when you fix it the color changes to green. If you have some redirect issues then it will impact your rankings without even knowing you. But if you are using this extension you will easily spot the error and fix it.

redirect path chrome extensions


Start using Google Page Speed. As you all know the speed of the website is a major factor in ranking. If you have a slow load time it will suffer in your ranking. This extension shows you how fast your website is loading. It will also show you how to fix the errors. It is for both desktop and mobile page speed.

google page speed chrome extensions


The next extension is SEO META IN 1 CLICK. This will give you detailed information about any website. It will show you all the headings, images, social data as well as links.


This extension is especially for backlinks. You know building backlinks is a difficult task and finding their names and information is really difficult. This tool will provide you their names and information easily. The name is HUNTER

hunter chrome extensions


The next Chrome Extension is MAJESTIC BACKLINK ANALYSER. This extension will show you the total quantity and quality of backlinks on a given page.

majestic backlinks analyser chrome extensions


This extension is especially for E-Mail Marketing. The name is BOOMERANG. Everyone wants to know the best time to send E-Mails so that it works best. Look when you send Mail at the wrong time and the person opens its inbox there are lots of E-Mails in their inbox so no one is going to read them. It not only shows you the best time but you can also schedule the e-mails.

boomerang chrome extensions


This one is for Research. The extension is LINKCLUMP. This will help you to open multiple links in just one click in the SERP.


The next extension is LINER. Look if you are reading an article on the web and you liked a particular line this will help you to highlight that specific portion.
This will help you to keep all your important information in one place.

liner chrome extensions

I will be glad to know if you have any questions regarding this topic or about anything in the comment box below.

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